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My wrist hurts


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14 June, 2001

foldr News:
  Saturday 30 July, 05:

There are several new games out there, the one that seems to show the most promise is called "BattleField 2" .

Half-life2  is now released 16 November, 2004. Visit the offical HL2 site.

It's a 3D shooter that is all the latest rave and is based on the Battlefield 1942 Series of games. You get to fly choppers, drive trucks and all kinds of neat stuff, say good by to CS ! However, before you buy "BattleField 2", check out it's "minimum system requirements" as it requires fairly new video cards. You can get a free Battlefield 2 Demo over at ( The "BattleField 2"  website has a bunch of screenshots for viewing there.

"America's Army" has a new add on called "America's Army Special Forces (Q-School) 2.4" you can get it at too. The entire "America's Army" is a FREE game that you can play online, its a pretty big download, but well worth it, hey it's FREE!  It was created by the US Army as a recruitment tool, so just remember it's no game when people are really shooting at you before you enlist! The grapevine says that it is now runs on the Unreal Tournament 4 game engine. Go to the official home page of "America's Army".

We just completed a major clean-up of the AtomicWARRIOR  Links page. We verified and checked every link, we have several hundred links, so it took quite a while. We have had quite a few new organizations apply to have their link added to our Links page and we will be reviewing their applications and adding them next week.


  Tuesday 16 November, 2004:

Finally !!!
Half-life2 has been released!!

Half-life2  is now released 16 November, 2004. Visit the offical HL2 site.

Some quick tips on buying

You can buy Half-life2 (HL2) for the PC in several different packages by downloading it from "Steam" or by buying it's "boxed" version on CD or DVD. The package you buy 'should' include "Counter-strike:Source", but may or may not include  "DoD:Source" depending on how you buy it and which "package" you decide to buy. You can buy it by downloading it with Valve's "Steam" software or you can also buy a "boxed version" of it at most major software retailers. Valve Software Inc are the creators of the game Half-life2.

It appears the newer versions of Counter-strike and DoD (Day of Defeat Mod) will have the ":Source" suffix instead of being called something like "Counter-strike2", usually the word "source" refers to the actual code of a program. It's confusing to use it in a game's name, it makes it sound like it's the actual code of the game or the SDK (used by game developers) instead of a playable version of the game. This is confusing and everyone knows gamers don't like to be confused, maybe they will be looking for a new marketing guy after that mistake :).

 If you buy "Half-life2", be very careful --NOT-- to mistakenly buy an older package version of Half-life 1 games called "Half-Life Platinum Collection 2", repeat do not buy it by mistake. Again, what moron put a "2" in the title of a Half-life1 game package, that's misleading, it almost looks like they are trying to rip people off with that trick. As a matter of fact Steam is offering "Silver" and "Gold" download packages that include most of  their old Half-life1 era games. They call it their "catalog" of older games. So if you want to get a bunch of older Half-life1 games, look for the "catalog" being listed in a package's features. Here is some info on the "boxed" version of the  Half-life2's collectors edition that you can get from Wal-mart and some other places, you get a t-shirt and some other stuff (read the details at that website). The Collectors Edition comes on DVD from some venders, so if you don't have a DVD reader you might want to be aware of that. I have also seen a "Special Edition" mentioned at some sites. Steam's "Gold" version has a bunch of extra games and extras items in it like a HL2 t-shirt, hat, poster, soundtrack, etc, etc. As always, before you buy, READ the DETAILS at that venders site or if you are buying the "boxed" version, make sure you read the fine print on the box to see what you get.

Also, you might want to double check the game's CPU speed  and RAM requirements before you buy, you don't want to get it home and not be able to play it. :)

The boxed version of the "Half-life2 Collector's Edition".

Some places you can buy Half-life2:
Steam (download it from Valve Software)
(Steam offers 3 different packages).

Places you can get the "boxed" versions of Half-life2:
Amazon (online only)

Since the game has been delayed over 2 years we look forward to the explosive growth in Half-life2 plares and servers, Half-life players have long awaited for this day.

We look forward to helping gamers with their needs for this game and many others. As always with changes in games there comes a need to update some of our tutorials, so we will update all our tutorials as needed in the near future.

Half-life2 is here, time to stop typing about it and to play it, see you on the server!


  Thursday 15 July, 2004:

Do "UN-limited" spraying on the [TiC]Counter-strike Server.As promised we have all the spray paint logo tutorials updated!!! They reflect all the needed changes associated with spray paint logos brought on by the "Steam" update to Half-life and Half-life Mods. Sorry its late, but it's here now! So read them and get your color sprays going!!

Here they are:
"Creating a Color Logo" (aka "The Color Logo Bible")
"Installing Color Logos"

"Troubleshooting Color Logos"

Download a color logo from the Logos WareHouse today!:
LOGO Warehouse is now a part of AtomicWARRIOR. Download Halflife spray paint logos or submit your tested logos  for posting here.Check out the logo tutorials too !

We also updated the "regular logo" tutorials as there are a few people out there that still spraying them.

You can test spray all your logos on the "[TiC]Clan Counter-strike Server":
(that server has "unlimited sprays" set ON!):

"[TiC]Talk is Cheap CS"
(a logo test Half-life Counter-strike Server)

Get spraying!! :)


  Friday June 25 2004:

Hi people!! Do we have some cool things happening for you this Summer! I know its been a long long time since the last update at the site here, but everyone was waiting for Half-life2 to come out. Since HL2 might never be released to the public, we decided to do the long needed updates to the site that were caused by the Half-life's switch over to "Steam". We just have to double check the updated Logo Tutorial before we post it here. So it will be here soon people, sorry about the delay :).

We have yet another brand new and rather extensive and informative set of tutorials done by those glorious guys
Joystick Tutorials over at the MiGHTY [TiC]Clan. They just finished 2 joystick tutorials. The first one is called "Joysticks & Windows" and it explains everything about how to install, troubleshoot, and solve joysticks problems in Microsoft Windows and might be the best one on the web. The second tutorial is called "Joysticks & Half-life" and it explains just about any question you would ever have about getting your joystick to work with Half-life or any Half-life Modification like the ever popular "Counter-strike" or "Day of Defeat" Mods. I have to tell you, if you ever have a joystick problem, those [TiC] Guys should have you covered. The tutorials are pretty detailed and might later be cut into several smaller tutorials. There is a part of the "Joysticks & Half-life"  called  How to use "Notepad" to edit a ".cfg" file that could easily be a separate tutorial in and of itself! They also did a little tutorial that shows a little gamer tip about elevating a sore wrist, it's called "My wrist hurts".

So far this year, while everybody was waiting on HL2 :), there have been several vary interesting games released by other game developers. The graphics on some of these new games are just outstanding, "Far Cry" is one of them. While there have been several great games released, no "earth shaking" new game engines have been released, it would be nice if those Valve guys would put down their coffee cups and finish HL2 for us gamers across the world, maybe they are going to skip directly to Half-life3 instead :). Anyhow, we should have some links up here with mini reviews shortly to some of the hotter new games.



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